Load Entity Action: Help with its use

@emre forgive me but I am missing something here. I need to load an Entity and for some reason I can not get it to change state.

All I need is a jump start… I can catch on quickly but I am missing something.

I am attempting to load an entity using [?Entity Name] I then want the status of that entity changed and I am using a Grid to view the change…

What am I doing wrong because #1 I must be using Load Entity wrong or #2 I am just missing something… I made an automation command button. I made a rule for load entity and i put [?Enter Pin] for Search value… I then made an update Entity State action inserted it into the same rule…

Was I way off base?

I am almost embarrassed I am having to ask this because typically I figure things out quick…

I seem to have maybe resolved this… but it is still acting wierd… I will update you in a moment.

EDIT: Nope it is still not behaving.

Ok I figured it out… I was expecting screen to show entity change immediately… I had to refresh screen… so I set it up right to begin with… Is there a way to refresh the screen through an action.

EDIT: I ended up not needing a refresh… I got it all working now!

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