Load Menu from a file


Can SambaPOS load the menu at the start of the application from an external file such as an Excel or text file?

Each time its loaded? Would be allot of work.

Can you explain why/what you are trying to do?

I did some SQL for duplicating menu items but to make from scratch would involve allot of tables/values for both the product and menu…

Configuration tasks might help but dont forget there is allot to menu, needs products (which can be bulk imported) which also likely have tags etc. Will your file include all the product info, what menu and menu category, menu settings, columns etc…
A spreadsheet like that makes me think it would just be easier to use samba directly…
Or setup multiple menus and change the default menu.

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I am trying to adopt SambaPOS to takeaway chain and the owner would like to control the menu, offers and add/remove features, driver, from one place.

is this possible in sambapos?

Remote login would be easiest way at the minute.

API might offer solution in the future but not mature enough yet for that level I think.

Configuration task offer a solution to roll out new automation or even just the more basic export-import.

A true multi site solution has been discussed a couple of times and is on emres list however it is not a simple thing to implement well.

A couple of people have implemented centralized setups as is via VPN or opening SQL ports however this is not for the faint hearted and obviously makes sites susceptible to downtime if internet goes down as well as requiring really good internet connection.