Load Ticket Action - Search Custom Field

Is there a way for a “Load Ticket” action to search for a ticket based on a special parameter? Like instead of saying Ticket ID: X I want it to search for a customer ID

What I am trying to achive is this:

I have customers with custom fields names: Customers ID they are 5 digit long unique id
When I input customer ID in numberpad it changes entity to that customer, next step I want it to LOAD previously added orders of that client, yet I cant seem to get the Load action to search for it.

Thanks, want to make this work and post it as a tutorial :slight_smile:

Check this

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Can you explain more about your process. I mean what if Customer has multiple tickets? Which orders are you wanting it to pull up? Paid or Unpaid or something else? Are you wanting just orders or entire Tickets?

Ah time time time, never enough, sorry for taking so long to get back. I must go trough the link provided as I believe it has ideas I might use.

In this setup my idea is to create a “Night Club Setup” where we assume that every member in the club has a pre-made card, issued by the club and once they want to consume something we swipe the card, add orders and close it. At the end of the day you must pay your bill, making the card account zerro “0” and then you can leave.

This means we want whole tickets recovered back every time we swipe a card. And a custumer should never have multiple tickets… and orders should be unpaid.

Why not just use the card to hold the balance due… instead of keeping tickets open just settle with card and the card balance will continue to go up. At end of night they swipe card and pay card balance.

However with v5 you will be able to store a unique ticket ID and load ticket will load the ticket with that unique id.

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