Log Out Button on POS Screen

Our servers currently log in directly to Restaurant screen and do not have permission to other SambaPOS screens.

I would like to add a button for servers to log out from Restaurant screen, instead of using Main Menu.

I have setup an Action, Rule and Automation command, but when I click Log Out nothing happens.

Can someone be so kind and view video below to and let me know what I am doing wrong.

Click here for Video demo

Thank you,

PS. An automatic log out after a period of inactivity would be very helpful as well.

All you told it to do was close the ticket not log out. There is not a direct action for just logging out. I am sure you can do what you want but I dont know which action to go through nor do I know the syntax to enter. Hopefully someone can help you. Closing ticket is not logging out.

Looks like update program setting maybe?


Not sure where to use Update Program Setting. Log Out works properly when it is mapped to Ticket.


I’ve implemented Logout User action for next version. Thanks.

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Thanks @emre. Look forward to next version.

I was not sure if it could do that or not I was just guessing. Only thing I was sure about is there is not currently an action for it. But looks like next release you will get exactly what you need that’s great!