Login User Action seems to disregard user role

So I have a staff or manager user, if login with there pin as normal they cannot acess the manage section based on there user role.
If I login that same user via login user action I have there username as expected in corner however they seem to have bypassed the role association and can access admin/manage section?

Hmm strange. Does it let them access it all the time? Or just initial login?

The permission to access management in role settings doesnt seem to work if its login user event.
If I change mapping of command to admin user role only it hides as expected but the restriction based on user role permissions doesnt.

Same for other role based permissions, accounts, reports, samba market are all restricted from basic staff user but if login via the action I can access them all.

Hmm ill test that on mine.

I’ve just changed mapping and hidden them.