Login User Action


What I am saying is if he adds that Action what event would you choose to build automation with it? Obviously it cant be used when someone is already logged in negating most automation ideas. Perhaps a delayed automation command, but does that work when user logs out?

EDIT: I will test the automation command delay.

EDIT2: Ok so delayed command works on logout.

I really cant think of any other reason for that action other than that single use though.


It would most likely be in a more complex automation command flow.

Numberpad entered (if staff pin) --> start switch user flow (hold ticket, close ticket, logout) --> login that user who just swiped

Without fair bit of other automation it is relatively basic beyond auto login.


End work period action only has one posable use :yum:

Plus there was three uses already discussed :wink:


Actually it can be used for several different automations. What automation other than switch user would login user be useful for?

I’m not trying to discourage it BTW. I personally don’t care because I’d never use it.


Autologin for kitchen display and customer terminal.

I know, was only playing.

Could also be used to change user based on user entity if you wanted. Ricks entity screen login screen could replicate the actual login screen actually changing user.

I am nearly raising the subject again, Rick, Q and myself have potential uses.
I have seen the flow for user login without logging out first asked about a couple of times in the past and a similar feature.

I like the idea as would increase the accuracy of user allocation as swiping rfid is more instinctive for staff when getting to the till and should someone have logged in and not started a ticket this would override that when they swipe changing to their user. Often see staff swipe to login but then turn round to make drinks and while they are doing that another staff will come up, generally instinctively swipe their fob but obviously as already logged in end up using the first staffs user. Just helps keep accountability more accurate, less reasons they can say the typical ‘it wasn’t me’ excuse. (Know it would be better if could force them in to submitted to always logout when turning from the till but we all know its not that simple)


Good idea. I am trying to help you justify the need.


Thought of another potential use…
If you wanted a ‘after sale’ prompt for something to u could use login user on with automation command delay/background in a ticket closed event given certain constraints to log back in and do something.

For example, the switch user/hold setup I have, I would like to work out a way to prompt all users rather than just user who put on hold to finalise the ticket if it’s been on hold for more than say 5 minutes.

As a login event would likely intervene with regular flow as logging in will usually be to serve a customer it could be done on ticket closing /logout given logout of close option selected to check for long time hold tickets on ticket closing. Triggering prompt of this ticket has been on hold for more than 5 mins please review ASAP. Yes opens ticket no just closes/logs out as usual.

I know this could be implement by seperate for the close and logout actions into a more complex exit flow but given a already well developed flow with already several closing ticket flows this would allow a more simple stand alone flow to log back in and open ticket rather than merge into existing flow.
This principle I think could be useful to make ‘extended’ post sale flows without splicing and complicating existing closing rules/flows.


LOL, im trying to auto login the kitchen terminal, ther is any sucsefull result??


There is a login user action in beta version atm


so i ll have to wait until the next release! thanks


not quite the action where this is all about but could there also be a change tickets currentuser action so that you could use the “not show other waiters tickets” option in users but still make automation command so that admin can change the waiter if needed


Hi All,

Did anything happen to the auto login? I have 2 kitchen screens and a customer display that I would love to get auto login.

Any help much appreciated.


Im sure there was as there was in theory a way to enable seccond pin using the user password field, might be wrong, havn’t got round to testing the idea yet.


Use Application Started Event with Login User action. @emre this works but the blue startup splash screen remains until you resize or click on the program in taskbar. We can probably get around it with delayed ACM and refresh screen action but still.