Long Product Names and Multi-language and Order Tags - Confused and need some help

This type of thing would usually be done using product tags which can then be referred to using {ITEM TAG:tagName} in your templates as needed.
Not quite sure what you mean by English converted to Chinese. How have you done this?

Thanks JTR, so based on what you’re telling me…

Best to just keep these names short so they fit into the invoice.

When I say converted to Chinese, I was referring to Product Tag Captions.

I plan on shorten the names on the invoice…


I would have a short name for the actual product/button etc.
If you want descriptive type name for printing then use the custom product tags for that and use those in your templayes

Looking through the forums… I did see one example of product tags…

It doesn’t change anything but just apply a different name on the ticket print…

Unless the template does something… any links on some samples or explanations?

Also giving the buttons long names doesn’t really bother me… its just the invoice in the end… that needs to look… semi semi professional! :rofl:

I’ve never seen an invoice or ticket with full descriptive menu style product naming.
Short product name keeps buttons clean without custom headers and onscreen ticket simple.
Using product tags (not order tags BTW) would allow that without cluttering onscreen.
Look on forum for dual/multiple language product names and you will find examples.

Thanks JTR,

But have you ever fallen into such issue… where…

English has a long name… but the Product TAG (alternative language) only requires a few characters…

Because the english name is so long… you would say

Cooked Chicken

  • order tag (with bananas)

But the alternative language would be…

Cooked chicken with bananas (say … in a different language its only 2 characters…)

Would the order tag appear on the Alternative language?

Could Order Tag work like… Product Tags? i.e English to Chinese…

The two are completely different.
Order tags wouldnt work with product tags in the same way.
For order tags you could look to use the description column of the order tags setup.
So say have english as tag itself and chinese in description and then use the two {ORDER TAG NAME} and {ORDER TAG DESCRIPTION} as needed in template.

There is also ORDER TAG LABEL and NOTE, but not sure exactly what that these relate to.


Thanks for that mate… i gave that a go too… so i understand that’s an option… but doesn’t really work for my situation…

Anyway thanks for responding to my question…!

Back to configuring ! Cheers!

I dont really understand your question…
Your asking if you can put order tag inline with order name?


My problem is…

Product Tag: Chinese
–Order Tag: would be in English

I just prefer the kitchen ticket to be 1 language, therefore Product and Order Tags should be in full Chinese.

This is clearly not possible, especially when I’m designing the English Menu first… it’s the primary interface.

When the Order is taken… the interface could be in english or chinese… but when the order is received at the cash register … it would be in english… invoice would also be printed in english… but the order that’s taken would be converted to chinese for the kitchen.

Thats what we have been doing no?
Just use the description for kitchen print and tag name for receipts??
I must be missing something

Is the description a separate variable?


I thought… it just attaches itself next to the order tag name?

No, it is a seperate variable.
In printer templates click the Template Help button to show a list of most used {EXPRESSIONS}


I’m assuming its this one!

Cool, will keep it in mind… thanks Joe!

That one is in the product section hence why it has the :X and you would need to specify the order tag type/group name.
Just ORDER TAG DESCRIPTION without the :X will be within the order tag section of the template (is for each tag in the loop.

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Going to take a step back here and just mention a solution to the original question.

If you want to have a long name and have it display across multiple lines this is possible. You can use the <W> printer formatting tag. So for example if you want 3 column layout with quantity, long name over multiple lines and price you can do like this:

<W00:4,* , 8>{QUANTITY}|{NAME}|{PRICE}

Regarding handling English name and Chinese name, on products I have a Custom Product Tag {ITEM TAG:Chinese Name}.

To handle multi language Order Tags I have English name in the Order Tag and use {ORDER TAG DESCRIPTION} for the Chinese name. I’ve done many setups multi language and this works great unless you need to use order tag prefixes which complicate things slightly. I have a solution for that too though I can share if you need it.


Nice one Mark. Did you have a link to anywhere that is documented in full?

Yeah it’s documented in 5.1.62 release notes, this is the best I could find.

Note this of course only works in ESC/POS printer templates but there is already other ways to accomplish the same thing if using HTML or Document Printer templates.

If you print Chinese likely you need to use HMTL or Document Printer to get better formatting for Chinese and English.


Thanks Markjw,

I am indeed using HTML printing mode… I have no clue how to configure the template it if it uses ESC/POS /Document Printer templates.

It uses a different code right, when I was going through the documentation… I didn’t get far… still reading… I haven’t seen anything about configuring templates based on ESC/POS Document Printer.

That’s probably why I didn’t see any code on W00:10,10,10One|Two|Three

I’ve been using the base Ticket Template of {Name}{Quantity}{Total Amount}

But the spacing etc is a bit of a pain… in the end… I’m working with shorter description names… just so the price fits… sometimes one line is slightly a bit long… and the whole ticket gets ugly… :frowning: