Lost sales data as U Hard closed the SambaPOS

Between these two transaction I have lost the data

The first 2 columns have consecutive numbers. This indicates no transaction is missing; that is, they were never there. Your Tickets also seem to be consecutive (#643, 644, 645).

Try ordering the results:

SELECT * FROM [AccountTransactionValues] WHERE
AND [Date] > '2015-06-06T18:50:00.000'
AND [Date] < '2015-06-07T23:39:00.000'
ORDER BY [AccountTransactionDocumentId], [AccountTransactionId], [Id]

Yes thats what I am not able to understand …its seems like a clean wipe has been done … as I said everyday I close work period and start a new one when I hard closed and restarted POS 7th June’s work period was lost …as You explained earlier tickets once closed gets saved and not stay in any kind of cache …clueless

Do you have the database tools module?
Not sure if it works with CE but if you do could it have been put into training mode?
Anything that happens in training mode is not stored, and if it had been set could give result like that I think.
Work period wise, does it start on 6th and close on 7th?

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Good point. That would explain it.