Low cost Windows 8.1 Tablet and SambaPOS

Hello, i ordered e Windows 8.1 Tablet, but my problem is if the printer Drivers are not compatible with this tablet because on PC with windows 8.1 i just installed Generic Text Printer!
any idea how to make printing from server! I know printer sharing but drivers have same problem.
My Idea is leaving Sambapos Opended in server with printers installed on Server not on tablet to make printing.

Leaving Samba open on the server will not work like that…
If your installing samba on the tablet you would need to setup the printer on the tablet.
If you have it setup as generic printer on server, share it, and add the shared printer to the tablet and then set ticket printer on tablet to the shared server printer…

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if your server system is configured with Windows 7 or Windows 8 .Simple solution would be to create a Homegroup and join the tablet to the homegroup

Below link explains how to create a homegroup.


What’s a homegroup?

A homegroup is a group of PCs on a home network that can share files and printers. Using a homegroup makes sharing easier. You can share pictures, music, videos, documents and printers with other people in your homegroup.

You can help protect your homegroup with a password, which you can change at any time. Other people can’t change the files that you share unless you give them permission to do so.

After you create or join a homegroup, you select the libraries (for example, My Pictures or My Documents) that you want to share. You can prevent specific files or folders from being shared, and you can share additional libraries later.

HomeGroup is available in Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 7. You can join a homegroup on a PC running Windows RT 8.1, but you can’t create a homegroup or share content with the homegroup. In Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic, you can join a homegroup, but you can’t create one.

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To me it looks like you are making it complicated.

I have set up tablets to log onto the server using RDP Remote Desktop.
Everything then runs from the server, no need for any local setup.

This works with the server using Windows 7 with a multiuser RDP patch that is explained elsewhere.

Hope this helps.

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That’s how I do mine but use cheaper tablet devices on android so only choice.
The fact he has a windows 8 tablet implies he’s looking for local install.
Not sure what difference the use of samba on tablet local vs rdp but can’t be much in it.

I think his confusion is to how the printer setup works in samba, caught me out first time as the setting for printer on terminal made me think printers were shared within samba which I obviously now understand they are not.

This works with the server using Windows 7 with a multiuser RDP patch that is explained elsewhere.

No sure how i’m making it complicated. OK, the Multi user RDP ‘patch’ is NOT a patch. its a hack which was discussed/explained clearly


I do not think people understand what this means. It is a hack and Microsoft has already and will again patch it so it wont work. This is not good for business.

If you have windows 8.1 tablets you can run SambaPOS as local installs on each tablet and hook them to the database via wifi. You need a good strong wifi signal so spend some time planning and setting up your network first. Ensure good signal throughout your working area where you plan to use tablets.

V5 is due out soon and it has features that increase connection reliability with Database which is another reason to use local installs. I have used both RDP and Wifi Local installed SambaPOS. With a strong well planned out network local install runs very smooth and fast.

Now keep in mind buying a $100 router and throwing it in your building and expecting good wifi is not good planning and will get you bad results unless your lucky. Do some research maybe even invest in a spectrum analyzer so you can find dead spots and invest in a GOOD strong business class router. I paid $500 for my wifi setup + about $200 for tweaking it which sounds like a lot but really its pennies and has paid off. $399 of it was the router some of it was for an analyzer and the rest was for a decent repeater.


Thank you for any advice! Tablet just arrived and SambaPos worked very well and printers too, im using printer Tysso.
For wireless i think to use a RouterBoard OMNITIK U-5HND (need to order 2.4GHz usually are just 5GHz) is a 360° antenna maybe can cover all area is 700m2.
I have some problems creating a Automation Command for printing any waiters himself Report. For example:
Printing Work Period Report
Settled by User1 Total XX.XX
Right now print included other users Work Period Report any idea how can realize it to print each users report separately
I’m using Sampos v3 i cant change it!

@morshed1 am looking to have a play with a windows 8 tablet and local install.
Would be intrigued to see a video of the tablet in use, ie the responsiveness within samba.
I have video of a ipad mini using RDP is anyone was looking for comparison against their tablet.

The responsiveness is very good (pressing the buttons while looking at the camera was quite disorienting lol)

Excuse the background chatter LOL

Hi @JTRTech - thanks for the video. Couple of questions -
When you double pressed a few buttons (looks like from the video) did you get a delay response or just did not press the screen adequately?
Secondly, what Apple software were you using for RDP? Was it native or available APP? Being a MS man for too long I use a IPAD/IPHONE but not as yet developed for them.

Cheers Paul.

With any RDP setup you will run into some delays this is inevitable and unavoidable. Some setups are better than others depending on how good the network is. Ultimately the only way to virtually eliminate a delay is to keep all actions local and then submit them to database all at once but its not as simple as it sounds.

The local installed MS tablets running wifi connected to a remote Database will get delays as well. To be honest RDP is the better solution if you can afford it. I personally cant justify the cost for my small operations and I refuse to use the Hack.

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It is more likely that what looks like a double press is me trying to move my finger relative to what I see in the screen if that makes sense, was quite odd, watching it again its actually a pretty bad example, I will try and make another one with someone else holding the camera lol :slight_smile:
I have a cheap £30 android tablet I got for testing which is dog slow, and much better on my full size 10" ipad on my test environment at home.
Have just ordered a Dell Venue 7 which is windows based as wanted to try local install.
When that comes ill make a video with all three side by side.

I used the ‘official’ Microsoft RDP app that is available in IOS and Android.

I have recommended iPad to a local restaurant as have seen iPad minis on ebay for around £130 refurd/returns or £150 for new which I think is very good value.
Also the brand is well known and although irrelevant to Samba, a waitress holding an iPad vs another tablet for most people would be a better image if that makes sense.

@JTRTech I have tested number of different tablets using RDP and local setup using Windows 8.1. Personally I prefer the local setup.

Personally, I would recommend 10” tablets; I have tested 7” and 8” and 10” models and found it difficult with menus on smaller models due to the size. So, I have purchased a 10” linx tablet for £149.00 http://linx-tablets.com/linx-10.html

Have been using the tablet in a busy restaurant for the last five months now. Only issue experienced with the tablet was the wireless – when the restaurant used to be full with customers, sambapos used to crash at least one or twice. After Varies tests/checks identified the issue to the wireless, so recently invested in low cost Wi-Fi Range Extender (Wi-Fi Booster) and only connected the Tablet to Wi-Fi Extender and now do not have any of the crashing issue. The tablet is mush stable now in fully packed restaurant. Tablet was the best investment. @Jesse has mentioned/highlighted number of time if anyone configuring Wireless ensure you have good wireless coverage in the environment.


Do you have a single access point for the tablets or do they work on the main ap and the extender?

I am trying to find out anyone experience with having two access points (same SSID and WPA on different channels), I have set that up in several places for their hotspot/public wifi and it allows you to roam arround without reconnecting when your out of range of the last box, it just switches between them.
However browsing the web is completely different to RDP or local with network link to database.

Want to know if there is any issues or how long any lag might be if it hapens to be switching AP while in use.
Does that make sense?

Great info @JTRTech and @morshed1 as always!
The reason why I asked was on the weekend I went to our local football game (WAFL - AFL) here in Perth and the Bar was setup using Tablets as registers mounted on swivels and they looked really cool. It seems “tablets” as the main sales unit is “the thing” where POS is heading. The old JIVA POS hard glass screen AUD $ 2,500 clunker is dying…

So I did some research on peripherals that work with IPADS and Tablets and stubled across this site:
The site is full of Blue Tooth & Wireless peripherals and discusses what can and can’t be done and how using IPADS! Even IPAD splash covers?

If you dig through the FAQ’s you will see @Jesse they talk about as they are CLOUD based what happens if you loose connection (to refer to your last post here), I hope @emre your not upset at listing this site as I feel we can use it as a benchmark to some respect. I personally found the site a treasure trove of information to where I would like to head with POS and hopefully SambaPOS will take us there…
Respectfully Paul.

Tablets will usually have a micro usb port but usually come with an adapter for notmal USB.
If you printer is USB you could use cheaper accessories (printer and cash draw under the counter.
I mean ideally you would want to have the tablet plugged in so that would mean two wires to the tablet but obviously the space saving is huge.
I tried a barcode scanner the other day on an android tablet using RDP and was surprised it worked first time with samba via RDP. Obviously thats an input device rather than a printer which would be easier if samba was local on the tablet.
Using tablets you would obviously still want a more powerful desktop somewhere on the network to host the SQL server.

Received my Dell Venue 8" tablet today.
First impressions, very tidy for £90 :smile:
Samba installed locally runs well.


Well so far am actually really liking the tablet.
Have been an apple fanboy for the last 10 yeas and had iPhone since the first one but having a full OS on a portable… well I’m almost converted…
Having a full desktop on a tablet vs ios on iPad well, yo know what I’m saying.
Windows 8.1 - few qwerks but generally great.
Am quite excited to see how windows 10 goes with portable devices.
Its not quite as fine tuned as ios on the tablet side but relatively early days in full scale retail comparison to ios which is what 8+ years now.
Know windows has done mobile version for years but always more slimmed down versions.
As excited as I am about win 10 I still really hope apple pulls their finger out as their solutions are usually innovative and leaders but at the minute - think windows has the edge in the tablet side.
Especially considering this tablet was only £90!!!


i have been playing with Windows 10 and Sambpos, no issues really. its going to be great on 29th July when final version is released + the free upgrade :smile: . Microsoft got it right with Windows 10, watch out apple i say

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To be honest Apple was very innovative with the first iphone and the first tablet however they have been off their game for quite a very long time. Their big plus is the HUGE cult like fan support delivered by their genius marketing. I would say they are certainly leaders in marketing… As for innovative many other companies have been doing this the last 5 years including MS. MS has been truly innovative for much longer than Apple but they suffered with identity through Balmer years.

Business adopted apple through the years due to people simply just wanting it… it was definitely not the best solution for business. I for one am glad Microsoft has good clear leadership now and seems to be finally finding its identity. Apple seems to be playing catchup as they integrate last years ideas and technology into their things something they stubbornly refused to do and somehow had people fooled that they were still innovative… lol.

I think its a shame right now that the ecosystem apple enjoys is not available to other great devices which are vastly superior to apple products… but it seems MS is attempting to address that on their own… its really a great strategy.

This sounds like a pro MS anti Apple rant… I am pro consumer… Apple used to make the best phone, not anymore, apple used to make the best tablet… not any more. The days of apple being the leader with innovation are over and they are being extremely stubborn about it. MS has taken a HUGE leap for the consumer with its new CEO. Samsung, the Android behemoth, is even starting to feel the pain since Android and google are not playing nice with consumers as well.

The next couple years will be interesting for sure, I love the position MS seems to be making we will see what the rest of the competition does now.

Something that I think is happening is Apple is slowly going back into its old shell which was a specialty alternative product supported mostly by a very loyal niche crowd.