Loyalty points system

Hi I added the sambacard its working fine, but it doesn’t do what I want.
what I want is to add points to sambacard when completing the transaction.
ex. say cuatomer buying £50 woth ticket so I want to give 500 points (10 points per £1). Does not matter if it can go even further and add moneytory value like 500 points worth £5.That should be added to the samba card when completing the transaction.Plus when we using the samba points it should not calculate taxes. Would this be possible ?

Many Thanks

Hmmmm, doubting the legitimassy of that.
Just because they have credit/voucher etc doesnt mean the sale is non taxable - or at least shouldnt be.
Tax should be at point of sale so are you putting a product through to add the credit? If so its that that should not be taxed…

Im not familier with sambacard - you would probably have been better making your own lyalty system from scratch that butchering someone elses.

Doesn’t matter even with the taxes if I can do that

As suggested above I am not a fan of just importing configurations as generally they are customized for the creator and then like yourself people dont see why it doesnt do it their way and they dont know how to change because they just imported rather than learning how it works.

You would need to elaborate on how you want your system to work and interact when using the pos to be able to suggest best solution.

@Fabhinckley did u find a way to configure loyalty depending on Total amount (£50 woth ticket so I want to give 500 points (10 points per £1)) ?

If you check back tomorrow I am just doing a loyalty system right now and will be doing a quick tutorial video, online the other tutorials I have already configured so won’t be a full step by step but should give a good basis for you to work on.


Just finished recording the tutorial, is going to take a while to render and upload to youtube, its almost half 1 here so going to just leave it as will probably take an hour or two between render and upload as ended up being longer than expected at just over an hour (set rendered size 8.5GB).
Will be a very busy day tomorrow and will not have great internet where I will be, your desperate replay and Ill try and post on forum in the morning before I go, if not probably not till the evening.
Setup is for 5 points per pound to a loyalty card entity with apply discount at 1p per point, also has function to apply unclaimed points from an old ticket by inputing ticket id and then loyalty card number.
Points rate and value is easily changed and if nothing else should give you enough info to recreate in your own way.


@JTRTech Thx a lot i’ll be waiting for the tutorial this evening :wink:

I really can’t wait for your video tutorial

Sorry, the render failed as power in workshop went off in the night at the breaker :frowning:
I have only just got back tonight from the first day in the new property of the hotels… Been a long day.
Will stick the video on to render and upload again tonight and post in the morning or when there as have sorted the Internet there this morning.

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Sorry, didn’t get chance to upload to YouTube and Internet on site I’m at at the minute is only like 400kb so didn’t even try and upload on side.
It’s iploading atm at home 16-18Mb up so will post tomorrow :slight_smile:

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hello did you upload the video

I had difficulty exporting and then got distracted with new property.
I will have another go tomorrow.