Loyalty Points V5


A tutorial that will use MagCards, however this can be adapted to how you need with some minor changes.

Used the V4 Points Promotion by emre and custom quantity buttons JTRTech to get this fully working.

A simple login shows a button on the left, which shows Loyalty Points Available during the transaction.

When I add a product which is part of the loyalty, it will increase the ‘Loyalty Points Available’. In this case, 1 Milkshake has made 1 point available.

Using new custom made Quantity Buttons, the quantity can be increased which will automatically increase the Points Available, in this case 2 points.

Customer MAG Card was swiped ive called ‘Test 4 loyalty’. who has 0 points.

When the transaction is processed, the Points available is transferred to their own Points set on the Entity. Points Available is reset back to 0

Card gets swiped again and Points are now showing as 2 for the customer.

With my setup, I have popups for the portions and extras. When I cancel it still adds a point, so I set the button with points available to reset the Points back to 0.

To spend the points:

Swipe the customer card

Add the product that can be purchased using Points

Highlight the product which will be purchased with the points and press ‘Use Points’. This will change the Gift State to Promotion

Settle and close.

Please allow me a couple of days to the get the tutorial up together :slight_smile:



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My question is, does the points just turn the product into a gift and accumulate points in the process?

Or does it turn into a gift if it has enough points to purchase it.
For example if the milkshake is worth only 10 points, the customer has only 2 points, that means they can either get a discount or the can’t use it until they have enough points.


only allows a product to be purchased if they have enough points, no part purchase.


if it is gifted, it doesn’t give a point for that product


Interesting. Can’t wait to see it in action :smiley:


Any updates on this tutorial? Really keen to test it out


Yeah sorry, I’ve been busy with other bits will get it up asap.

Works lovely though :slight_smile:


I havent seen you around for a while. Welcome back!


Mooch here and there.