Main Menu button question

Is it possible to hide the Main Menu button for non-administrator users?
I made an exit button with a question for non-administrator users and I want users will not be able to exit by clicking on the Main Menu button.
Is it possible?
Thanks in advance :smiley:

Right now there is not. The reason it behaves by logging you out if you click it… is because Log Out is inside Main menu… so you do not have to make a custom button to logout if you have restricted access.

It kind of makes sense to me that the button would just change to LogOut instead of Main menu… maybe @emre can do something.

thenks @kendash,
I need an exit button with a question, so I made it
Now i need to hide the Main Menu button from a non-admin users.
Maybe @emre could help :wink:

lol the only thing I’ve didn’t receive a feature request is how clock blinks.

I’ll note that in to do list…

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hahahahahahahahha :blush:
By the way, when the clock blinks, numbers are reversed, can you can fix it? :smile: