Main Menu Button

Help! Cant see/use Main Menu button. I can see the top part of the word ADIMINSTRATION (very bottom right) but Main Menu is not visible and It leaves me stuck and cant get back to POS mode!

How many departments? Can you show a screenshot?

Hello… ive uninstalled and reinstalled and cant get it back! The window IS maximized

Restart SambaPOS. Set Manage > Local Settings > Display > Footer Height to 60. Save & Restart.

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emre !!! Thank You… I hoped it was as simple as that :slight_smile: Thank You! (all)

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I noticed your running older version you should think about upgrading. Lots of fixes and updates were released.

EDIT: Also noticed your running compact edition. There really is no advantage to CE vs SQL. You should at least install the localdb version of Samba it supports way more features and generally runs smoother than CE. Personally I recommend installing SQL Express 2014 it gives you better control and multi user support.