Main screen logo image and general image access

Hi can someone confirm where the folder is for the main screen logo image, ive got my new base unit for my new till and am in the process of setting it all up but i cant seem to get any images to show

Ive found where the default logo was stored and added mine instead and renamed to logo.png, this just removed the samba logo and did not replace with mine

ive also found a link in the forum with a different folder path so put the image there as well (i had to create the folder “images” though as this was not there by default, this also had no effect

I seem to have a permission issue that i dont on my laptop where images i use in the pos are not working when stored in the same location on my new system and im unsure how to grant samba permission to access, ive tried a documents folder and ive also tried just putting an image directly in C:\ but i cant access there either

any ideas?

There is one in the program files folder;
C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS5\Images

And the one in my documents.
I think the documents one overrides the program files one.
You need to restart samba after changing.

yea ive restarted shut the pc down and restarted, ill have a look again now

thats where the original samba logo was, i deleted that and added mine but it didnt and still doesnt work

and this one in documents is where i had to create the images folder to add the logo to