Main Screen Logo V5

I try to change the main screen logo like said Enre in MyDocument\sambapos5\images\logo.png but this is not working with sambaposV5 only for V4.

You can change the logo in programfiles/SambaPOS

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Thanks very much I looking in the wrong place.

The my documents path takes priority over the program files folder.
Its works.
Ensure folder and filename are correct, must me logo.png
You do need to exit and restart samba for it to update…

Do you guys know how fix this problem with the categories pictures just show half ?

You would want to set the button to image only and put the text/title into the image itself to get the end result I expect your after.

Image only is the same no name but half picture???

Is the text still in header?

No, header is empty…

Worked fine on my test…

This is my configuration; the only difference

to me is the button Height.

Are you up to date version wise?

I just change the value to 80 in Button Height and now is fine thanks

Arrr, from 0 (automatic) you mean?

@RickH you use allot of category images, is this an issue you have noticed or do you always set a button height?

Seems 0 (auto) button height and image only doesn’t work correctly.

By defauld I install the V5 yesterday I change the value to 80 like you show in the screen show and now all in good to me

I always try to set the button heights for a consistent layout but seems to be an issue with the auto button height (0) and images

Now is perfect to me with this configuration:

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Nice one :slight_smile: few other tips for you…

  • If y ou wanted full image with overlay text try embedding the text in the image.
  • png images support transparent backgrounds if you wanted to loose white background (bee the horse sign triangle.
  • The images will be reduces/enlarged to fill width or height, if you want full button image add white space to make the ratio of the image the same as the button (your cigarettes for example could fill width rather than just height)

WoW yes thanks a lot for those tips :slightly_smiling:

Hey @JTRTech yea i set column count and button height, i try to keep the buttons as close to a square as possible then my images are set to 500x500px and they seem to then auto scal fine to the buttons, ive never had an issue with it :slight_smile:

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