Make Text Blink/Flash

What would be the correct way to make a Show Message Action text blink? I tried < blink > but did not work. And since we are here what type of coding does SambaPos uses for text formatting? is it HTML?

There is no <blink> formatting tag. To answer your question: you cannot make text blink; there is no feature for that.

No. It is similar, but it is proprietary.

Formatting tags:

These all require a closing tag, except those which are <implicit/>. For example:

<bold>some bold text</bold>
<italic>some italicized text</italic><br/>
<underline>this text is underlined</underline>

<thin>                  : thinner style
<b>, <u>, <i>           : short for bold, underline, italic
<img>                   : displays an image (URLs supported)
<linebreak/>            : forces a NewLine (NL)
<br/>                   : stops auto-NL in Ticket Lister, fine-tune with <br/>
<sym>                   : displays symbol from Segoe UI Symbol font
<size x>                : font size
<font x>                : font name
<color x>               : font color
<block margin color alignment width>
                        : margin=Left,Top,Right,Bottom
                        : alignment=left,right,center,justified
<panel color alignment>
                        : alignment=left,right,center

Perfect, I was just about to ask for some formatting help. Thanks a lot!

I think there are a few more formatting tags that were added in later versions, but I cannot recall what all of them are. For example, there is one like this:


… which is not really a “formatting” tag, but sets a timer, for … something, lol. Maybe that could be used in conjunction with the <color> tag to make a blinky appearance… not sure.

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Yes, interesting; Right now I have been going trough so many tutorials my head is spinning, I figured just going to have to pick up from what is out there.

Interesting, didnt see that one, dont want to hijack this topic but how is that used?
Was tinking about trying to add some form of countdown to go with the timeout on ask question…