Make user pins viewable to admins

I think it would be useful if these user pins were not blocked to the admin. It get makes it hard to assign new pins and check what the person’s pin is if they forget it.

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How so, if its in use it tells you.
If they forgot, surely it can be changed to whatever they think it was/changed to something else?
They are not all using pins like 1234, 2580, 4321 are they?

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It just seems unnecessary to have that blocked off to the admin who in theory is in charge of assigning pin numbers. Everyone has their own pin and there’s about 15 servers. It’s really only an issue when someone new forgets their pin between shifts and I have to try and figure out what it was.

You can see in DB I think.
Why do you have to figure out what it is, you can surely just overwrite it if they can’t remember, no different amount of effort as you already got to that screen.
Don’t forget that depending on your setup it’s not only a single admin user… My managers can access management section which in turn would also mean seeing pins based on your request…


I believe just changing it is better security then having it revealed

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