Making A menu item appear only at a specific time

Scenario: A client of mine has a takeaway menu which has a breakfast special menu every saturday and sunday. She wanted me to create a specific button(which I have done) for breakfast items.

Ideally I have her the option of having automatic happy hour which I used tutorials in the forums to implement. She insisted having access to a button. Pretty straight forward stuff. knowing the industry, I also want to take into consideration that if I do insert it this way, anyone can have access to that button any time. That is not an issue if the items in that category were all different to the rest of her product list. However some items in that category also consist of same items found in another category. Except the items prices are different in this category.

What I wanted to try and implement a restriction on the button. Either only have that category appear on Saturday and Sunday during specific period of times(might be possible using triggers) or put a password on that category button on the menu which needs to be inserted before accessing the items in that category.

is anything like this possible using triggers or rules? Has anyone tried this to give some instructions on how this is possible? can’t find anything under tutorial so maybe If I could make this work. I could use this feature and make a tutorial which also uses Magnetic Card users to access specific menu items.

Look at this tuturial.

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In v5 you will be able to swap menu using an action while inside a ticket.

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Hi peter. I checked that method before making the topic. I asked the client that method would be ideal.she insisted on having an extra category on the menu with product list. So i can put a button and everything. But she wants to have it accessed only on Saturday and sunday. So even if we could set like an admin pin and restrict access to only those two days. That would be ideal if its possible.

No that is not possible in v4. V5 it will be.

So the only work around would be the automation tutorial by rick yeah? Probably the best way to go? Hmm all good. Thanks for clarifying guys. Appreciate it. If i figure a way. Ill let you guys know for v4. Till v5 comes

Which tutorial are you referring to?

PS: @Shivan v5 will be released VERY soon. Licensing is being tested right now and likely we are on last beta before public release.

I think it is possible in V4. Since you want special menu to display anyway. In Edit product properties, there is automation command which is trigger when that menu item pressed. You use this action to validate if condition meet. If it is valid, do nothing (let order add to ticket). If it is not, cancel last order.

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How would that give access to a specific menu?

If I understand it correctly, I think his client want that special menu to display at all time but don’t staff to order it until specific conditions are met.

Yes but also what if customer wants something off of other menu not special? That would not work. Customer may want one special but also want something not on special and wont want separate tickets… That functionality is only available in v5.

Special menu category (every menu items under this category) will have automation restriction but other menus don’t have restriction.
On Sat and Sun, everything can be ordered but on weekday, only non-special menu (other menus) can be ordered.

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I dont think thats what he meant.

That leads me to think its specials which are already available items with different price. It doesnt mean thats the ONLY thing thats offered that day. Its just like happy hour but the client wants a menu to appear and not just automatic price changes.

Ok I see what you mean. So your saying recreate the entire menu, 1 of them does not have the items that are special and instead has them in a special category. The other one has the normal menu minus specials. So one day you may use menu 1 all day… and on specials day menu 2 is used all day.

Yes that would work I retract my statement thank you for pointing that out. @Shivan I hope I didn’t confuse you but what sukasem said should work.

If they want to have special price on regular day menu they can create happy hour price on regular menu as well.

V5 will make this easier however as it supports menu swapping in middle of a ticket. Basically same thing can be accomplished without the constraints.

Yes, agree. Maybe just wait for a week or 2.

@kendash How soon is soon do you know? Because If v5 takes about 1-2 weeks. Then I could advise my client and if she is willing to wait then that’s all good. Otherwise If it takes longer than that, then at this stage I may not want to update her system until a month after it’s release for the sake of testing and exploring additional features, setting them up for each client, implementing new features, doing database transfers without affecting any data already within the system, and a lot of other explorations and testing so that I can update that Instructions manual booklet I’m working on to give to the samba community which can be freely edited and monitored in the future.

I’m also working on a way where I can apply OTG(On The Go) updates to sambaPOS on each client I have.

In the meantime @sukasem I will explore that feature and see If i can set up those triggers and rules on specific menu items. I have already implemented the auto happy hour in the software, Im waiting to test it in the next coming days, and if it works great! If it doesn’t then I’ll try figure something out and update you guys.

I’m not sure if my explanation of what the client wants is quite clear. Ill post some screenshots later, once I have time during my work break and explain what ideally the client is looking for or wanting. Luckily she’s a very easy going client so, as long as everything works, she doesn’t mind work arounds. But since my business is quite new and fresh, It’s best I give and show her the best of my skills and work so that client is happy and I have more word of mouth advertising :stuck_out_tongue:

This is already supported with Database Tools module and export function.