Making printed ticket receipts more informative

Hello, thank you for helping. I would like add some useful information to printed tickets;

  1. Add information from tickets tags (I’m using a tag containing number of customers in a specific table for a specific order)
  2. A text line indicating different orders (for example when more items are added to tickets for the same ticket, showing these items separately will help a lot)
  3. Showing account balance due for customer accounts.
    Let me know if these modifications are possible. Thank you.
  1. For ticket tags use the printer tag {TICKET TAG:X} where X is the name of your tag. So if your tocket tag is called Number of Customersyou would add:

{TICKET TAG:Number of Customers} to your template where you want it

  1. Not sure on this

  2. Yes, im not sure of the exact tag to use but when you open your template to edit it there is a list of tags on the right, have a look for the ones relating to accounts and use the tag as described in number 1 above

Yes, they are all possible.

Please tell me how to do this. I want to print customer account balance on the receipts.

Place this somewhere in your Tempate where you want Entity Data to appear:


Create a section for Customers as such:


Or simply place the following wherever you like:

<J00>Cust: {ENTITY NAME:Customer}|Bal: {ENTITY BALANCE:Customer}

Read this: