Manage Daily Spending from Entity Screen


We would like to manage our daily spending from on an entity screen via the POS. We would like to process payments to vendors and other day to day outgoing funds through the POS similar to how a table’s ticket is processed.

So far I have added an entity screen for “Money Out” to the POS and I’ve added the vendors names and services as menu items. But I have not been able to figure out how manage the dollar amounts effectively. For example, if we want to process an item such as meat delivery for -$500 this is no problem, but if that same item costs -$600 one day, there dose not seem to be a way to change a negatively priced item in the POS section. To do this we would need to go into the management section and add a new meat delivery item for $-600.

Perhaps there is a much easier way to accomplish this functionality. Anyone have any suggestions?

Using accounts might be a better way, search for expenses and payouts @QMcKay and @Jesse have so some tutorials

Ive also done one for petty cash that you could use and adapt, search ricks tutorial

Id suggest you read as much as you can about samba accounts to help you understand how it works

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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