Manage reports, work periods

Can i manage reports? For example i want in report were shown information dedicated to it department only? and what about work period, i’ve different department in one database they are opening in similar time but closing in different, if one of them would close work period while others still working? it would be lol:) how to solve it?

Sorry, tracking multiple work periods for each departments feature is not possible. In fact never requested until now :slight_smile: I think consolidated wpr is better than multiple reports.

My problem almost solved, work period can’t closed untill all bills paid, so the last one close the period. Day amount of cash we can find in tickets menu. But what about sambacard payments and other usefull things, maybe there some way to create reports dedicated for departments? It will be usefull:) Thank you for the reply
i’ll go dive deep in the sambapos;)

Hi! My problem still unsolved, so yesterday was first day we worked with sambapos, everything worked properly exepct some bugs, but they were related with printer driver. Ticket menu doest show samba card sales so we need note it sales with pen, it little bit uncomfortable. So, maybe there some way showing reports and sambacard sales dedicated to users or departments? It will be very usefull!

Don’t you see sambacard payments as a different payment type on work period report?

I see them, but everybody see them too i want that departments see the information dedicated to them not all work period!

For example add to a ticket menu string samba card payments and button print totals of bills, like bill number, ticket total, cash payment, sambacard payment. Something like that, because in ticket menu we can manage roles for users department see its own bills!

How to automatically update ticket notes, for example i’ve paid with samba account 50 usd, with cash 30 uysd and it typed automaticall in ticket notes? it will solve my problem