Manage Waiting Orders

Hello, I am using samba pos v4 and its uses for my printing shop. Some orders are delivered after it complete. It takes 5 to 10 days. I need to add these waiting orders to the customer tickets to delivery complete. How I can do this ?. Is the problem with the work period? Becouse my some orders complete within 5-10 days. Please help with this problem. Thank You.

Unfortunately, V4 is no longer supported and aside from a handful of members here it is most likely before any of us started using SambaPOS.

But generally speaking, one can’t close a work period with open tickets. In V5 there is an ability to mark a ticket type as pre-order but, I’m not sure if that feature is in V4. But pre-order tickets introduce another set of issues to deal with - dates, converting to a regular ticket type, etc.

I would strongly recommend upgrading to V5. With what you’re talking about, the custom entity screens alone would be worth it. For what one gets, the only better deal in software licensing for $250 is from JetBrains.

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You can definitely do this in V5 with somewhat little automation.

I would create a custom entity screen, settle the ticket on the customer account, in that event update ticket status, show all tickets on screen until you clear that status or replace it with something else and actually settle the account.

Approx 2-3 days of work and tinkering with 2-3 automation rules.

You can do it for me?

But I haven’t samba pos v5?

I download this free. But I haven’t money to buy a V5 licence. Thank You so much for your reply.