Management Navigation Button

Is it possible to jump to the Management Screen from the POS screen?
See “Setup” button below

Just trying to save a Click but boy are they adding up!

Yes it’s possible there is a navigate action.

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Can you spot why mine above is not working? Mapping is all identical to original button except I have display under ticket.

That is for navigation screen. Use the action for outside of navigation.

OK - I assume you mean create Action or use the Action but I do not see any “Go to Management” action available?
Oh there is a drop down once “Navigation” is selected… looking deeper… :neutral_face:

There is a navigate action. You can set it to navigate to any screen.

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Yes thanks @kendash, found that just after I typed the last message. I guess I need to create a Rule, and Map it to a Button or Event.

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Well that only hurt a little bit - but I survived ah yes…:sunny:

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This does not work for me? V5.1.54

Are you within a Ticket when you attempt that?

If so, that is why it does not work. You cannot navigate out of an open Ticket.

Yes from POS Screen but only when there are no orders.
Could I add close ticket action before this?

EDIT: Close Ticket action solves this.