Manager approval

Sorry if this has akready been asked.

If for example, I have an under 18 working a shift and they serve alcohol they obviously require the approval of someone over 18 to complete the sale. Is there a way first of all restricting certain employees selling certain items?

And if so is it possible rather than logging the employee out and a manager logging in to put the product on the ticket then logging out again for it to say something like requires approval and the manager just putting their pin in. Rather than actually logging in

Simple answer is no. We can for Automation Commands (discounts, etc), but not for items. You could restrict items sales, but you would need an administrator to sign in to perform and complete the sale.

In many countries it’s actually illegal for under 18’s to sell alcohol or work in a licensed bar.

I’m not sure about local restrictions but that might be a nice exercise to test some SambaPOS features. I’m attaching a sdf file to demonstrate my solution. (126.5 KB)

What is the idea?

I’ve added a new ticket state called Restriction. It can have two values Restricted and Unrestricted. So I can create two versions of Settle and Close buttons and display them as ticket’s restriction state switches.

How I did it?

  • Added two user roles. Waiter and Minor.
  • I’ve cloned Settle and Close automation commands, named them as Restricted Settle and Restricted Close and changed their confirmation setting to Admin PIN.
  • Added these commands to related Close Ticket Rule and Settle Rule rules.
  • Mapped Settle, Close, Restricted Settle and Restricted Close automation commands to related Restriction States.
  • Added two actions to enable & disable ticket’ Restriction state.
  • Added an Order Added to ticket rule, tested if menu item group is Beverages and if so I’ve changed ticket’s restriction state to Restricted. Mapped this action to Minor user role.
  • When Before ticket closing rule executed I’ve called Unrestrict Ticket action to prevent unnecessary confirmations.

The result is when Minor user adds a Beverage and close or settle ticket Admin PIN will be asked. You can review sample to learn how actions configured and implement it on your database by using appropriate user role names and product group codes.

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not working! database version is 4.1.33??

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Yes you are right. I’ve released 4.1.33

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@emre what new on 4.1.33 ???

Thanks @emre im going to try and have a play when I can get in front of a terminal