Manually Seperating Courses

I’d like to have a tag that adds a line to an order in a specific location, to separate courses. I’ve already read through but we’re not that sophisticated :smile:

We do, however, have items that can either be an appetizer or an entree, and we need to be able to group them based on the tables preference. I have added a menu item, which is basically --------------------, but it cannot have a zero price, and a tag would fit the workflow much better. Example ticket, both on screen and in printer would look something like this



Thanks in advance. PS Samba4 is working great for us!

You can use order tags and Group Menu items using numbers. As per below links

Thanks Morshed for the info. I saw those tutorials earlier, and unfortunately, neither one does what I need it to do.

Basically, I just need to add a line at any point in the ticket. I can do this with a product, but it must have a price. I can set the price to 0.01, but still pretty sloppy.

you can add zero priced items as long as the ticket contains items that do have a price by enabling Allow Zero Priced Orders ( last Tick Box below ) in ‘Ticket Types’

Perfect! Thanks windinghouse.

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