Marking Taxed items with * on receipt

I have set up my receipt print template with VAT tax totals and its working fine - thanks to tutorials from here. BUT I cant find anywhere to show how I add a * before each item on the bill to show which is taxed at VAT and which has zero VAT rate. I have set up my VAT(20%) as a tax template and mapped to certain products - that works fine - tax totals are all correct.

Any help appreciated!

You could setup a custom product tag for VAT included, this would show in the product setup as a field called VAT included. You would then just enter the * symbol

In your tocket ticket before where your order tag is you could put { ITEM TAG:VAT Included } this would then print a * whenever an order added has that * symbol in the VAT Included field in the product setup screen

Think you could also use { ITEM TAG: VAT Included=* } that way if you have different taxes on different products you could use different symbols in that same field

Thanks - I have tried this out already. It does work but it means that I have to tag each product individually rather than using the handy mapping feature in the tax template and setting it up for whole groups of products at once. I had thought of using an order tag as this seems to use a mapping feature - may make thinks easier?

We have these two tags on order level

I think you can use them to setup a conditional expression to print * for specific tag values.


You can just show the VAT totals at the bottom. I discussed this before here

Note you need to add another tax template for 0% VAT, otherwise you can’t account for it properly. However there was a bug that doesn’t allow you to set the rate to 0 in tax template, it got fixed in 5.1.61 which is currently in beta but will be released soon.

For showing the * on order lines, you can use {ORDER TAX RATE:X} and {ORDER TAX TEMPLATE NAMES} along with a conditional expression.

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Insert on order line in printer template

[=TN('{ORDER TAX RATE:20% VAT}') > 0 ? '*' : '']

Replace “20% VAT” with the name of your tax template for 20% VAT.


Toasted Bagel Jam *                         1.50
Toast and Jam *                             1.50
Test Zero VAT                              10.00
Bacon and Tomato *                          3.49

Thanks! That’s just what I wanted… your help much appreciated.

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Hi markjw,

can this be done in v4 please?


No it is only supported in v5 since V4 does not have the jscript support.