Max item per quarter of an hour

hi, i’m new with sambapos, i have a pizzeria. I wanted to know if I can manage the maximum number of pizzas I can make every quarter of an hour, and also the maximum number of deliveries. thank you

No, there are no restrictions like those.

Hi Luca. Really not sure what what you mean. Are you saying you want a rule to limit how many pizzas you sell in 15 minutes? Why would you want that?

Hi @Luca,

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I am using a kitchen display. I have a button, on the POS screen, to go to the kitchen display which shows how many items (count) are on the kitchen display.

If you are using a kitchen printer, the above will not work. I’m not sure if a report could be created that listed/counted the orders placed in the last 15 mins.

If could explain a little more what you looking for, that would help us to find a solution for you.


It’s probably posible but never been asked or tried.
If nothing else can picture a script and some global program setting vars, posibly a json array in a setting rather than many seperate settings.
On adding pizza script grabs json, which contains ticket times with pizza orders. Drops old entries and counts last 15 mins worth.
Likely alternative methods
I’d say doable, question is if you expecting someone to just tell/show you or actually have a go yourself with some guidence/pointers.

thanks everyone for the answers.
now with the management software we have, every time you place a new order, it removes the pizzas from the selected slot. this helps us take new orders at the right times. for example in the attached image, at 7 pm I have an order for 2 pizzas, I have 13 left available. the second column counts me the (cons.) deliveries.
thank you!

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-23 at 15.24.39|690x919

OK, thats an alternative approach to reduce rather than count up. Similar principle with a program setting value for each time, all reset to 15 on wp end or something, as orders added deduct from setting value.

is there any way to do it on sambapos?

I would say yes, with a bit of work.
Could even create a similar screen to that in a custom entity screen.
But would need some work to achive.