Maximum translation achievable in SambaPOS4?

I’ve been experimenting with SambaPOS4 and really like what it can offer - compared to the other leading free/open source packages out there it is by far the best available. The only issue for me is the lack of translation, which is a show-stopper for me.

I’ve guessed from various questions asked already it looks like translation on v4 won’t happen, however I have seen some people reference that some buttons can be changed - I found a few under Settings > Automation > Automation Commands but it only appears to contain a few buttons from the main order screen.

Does anyone have some screenshots or video of their installation showing the maximum they’ve been able to translate SambaPOS4 from the features available? I’ll be able to decide then whether or not its worth pursuing. Many thanks!

All buttons on the actual POS screen can be changed. This includes commands buttons, menu categories, menu items, order tags, entity select buttons, even payment types , calculation selectors.
@emre has said v5 will have translations eventually.

I would say this is a little misleading, as all of the above that you have mentioned are not really items to be translated, they are all user generated content to begin with.

With that said, the command buttons are more what I’m interested in - I can change basic command buttons via the automation command settings, but I’m struggling to find some of the less prominent options such as “Change Table” or “Remove / Close” when selecting tags, or any of the command buttons on the payment screen such as “Close” or “Round”.

Do I need to look somewhere else for these, or are they simply not translatable?

If not translatable then I may just put my efforts into SambaPOS3 for now and wait for V5 - I saw in a previous post from 2013 the above quote by emre - does this still stand true today, does V4 currently offer any significant advantages over V3 besides enhanced UI?

no you can not change those.

My understanding having used v3 very little is that when he says no big difference is that the features and settings use in V3 will translate in upgrade and that the V3 settings will not break in the upgrade.
I think his reply was in regards to a question about upgrade process rather than a question asking about a reason to upgrade. V4 is more than just a new UI. V4 offers additional features not available in V3.
I couldn’t offer a list as don’t know by memory what features were available in V3 but defiantly more you can do. I would wait and see what you think of V5 in next week or so when released rather than start seriously working with V4 now.

Yes, IMHO. Let me put it this way…

I resisted the upgrade from v3 to v4 because I disliked the “flat” UI in v4. However, it was the new features that came over time in v4 that “forced” me to upgrade - I simply could not live without them.

Change Table could read Change Mesa. The word “Change” cannot be changed, but the “Table” part is an Entity - you can name it however you want. Same goes for Customers, or any other Entity for that matter.

Everything else on the Ticket screen can be changed - they are all Automation Commands.

Remove/Close on the Order Tag screen cannot be changed.

Close on the Payment Screen cannot be changed.
Round on the Payment Screen can be changed in Tickets > Calculation Selectors.

The language in the back-end (Management) would need translation. @emre indicates translations will be coming in v5.

V5 has massive new features that you will likely not be able to live without. The feature set is very empowering - it isn’t just an evolution this time.


I would agree with this. The entire flow and look of your setup may change once you experience the new features.

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Thanks for the continued feedback guys. Unfortunately without knowing what the new features are, I’m unable to make a decision based on that statement alone!

On the basis that v3 is translatable, a newer translatable version will not be available until v5, and my management are keen for me to deliver them a working prototype of something to roll out across our chain here by the end of the month, I shall persevere with v3 and hope that I don’t come across the need for any of the features you refer to before v5 is ready to roll!