MC3 Terminal not found

Good morning, when I update the database in MC3 I get a “Terminal not found” message.

Then I can use the app without problems, but it does not update any change made in the menu nor in the order tags.

Then I can use the app without problems, but it doesn’t update everything, I don’t see the order labels, I only see the different portions (and I have to move them laterally).

I have gone through the new manual several times, making the necessary changes but I don’t see my fault.

Do you know what my mistake is?

Edit users, select the Terminal where the Mobile Client will be used.

I’ve already done that, I’ve followed the new manual step by step (I’m sure I’ve done something wrong, but I don’t see it).

Please send Anydesk Id’s of main computer and tablet device to email address so we can check the situation together.

Support has been connected with me until a moment ago, and after trying several things like removing antivirus and putting the sqlexpress 2019 version, he has discovered that the problem is something in my database.

But we don’t know what.

With the new and clean database, it doesn’t give this failure

I have been using it for several years now and use it for my customers doing table and product modifications.

I will try to find the bug and if I find it I will write it here.

Because the problem is that it gives that failure in the moment that it starts to update the tags, the rest does everything correct.

It is usually about entity screens.