Me again, Entity Screen, list Custom fields in order?

is there a way to list custom fields on an entity in an entity screen? I need to list these by date.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I solved this by making the Date of the party the main Field.




Is it reservation? How you make it?

Its for Birthday Parties but can be adapted as a Table Reservation system.

Ill change it when ive finished it properly and post a tutorial on how to make it :slight_smile:

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Just to bump this again, it was working until I changed the formatting of the input.

Now it puts it in order or Day, so regardless what month it was… it would put it in this order:

01 10 2016
12 11 2016
13 09 2016
25 02 2016
30 12 2016

Any idea how to fix this?

Matt :slight_smile:

YYYY-MM-DD format - this is same principle as sorting tables using leading 0’s


hmm, good shout let me try that

Yes wicked. Thanks :smiley:

DIfferent prob, same situation…

As I’m now listing using that entity… When it creates the entity, it uses the Date as the entity name… well, what if there is 2 birthdays on that date?

Make the primary field a string, like?

2016-10-15 Johnny

Adjust your prompt mask accordingly to include a space and alpha characters [a-z]|[A-Z] or similar.


is there a way of editing entity name? so that itll do that automatically?


Date: 21-02-2017
Childs Name: Billy Nomates

Edit entity name {ENTITY NAME} {ENTITY DATA:Birthday Party:Childs Name}

Then with the date being the same width all the time, I could format the entity screen to reflect this

Like this? or is literally for fields??

Prompt for the Name, then the Date (or vice-versa) and store them in Local Program Settings, then execute the Create Entity Action using the following for the Entity Name:

[='{SETTING:PartyDate}' + ' ' + '{SETTING:ChildName}']

P.S. don’t put things like Tags directly in an Action. Use [:parameterSyntax] instead, and feed the value into the Action parameter via the Rule.

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Yeah I would I was just showing an example else id have to have done 2 screens :stuck_out_tongue:

Will do that now

Thanks @QMcKay that worked perfectly.

Also, it has given me a new insight into program settings… never really know how to work those, pretty easy!

EDIT: I don’t even need to change the entity screen… just change ENTITY DATA to SETTING

EDIT: ahh maybe not… maybe update each of those entities using the same setting instead