Meat deduction in a butchery

I sell meat either in 1 kg, 1/2kg or a 1/4 kg, which is working ok.
The issue is, some client will insist to pay for what the scale is reading. Ie 1.1kgs instead of a 1kg or 0.28kgs instead of 0.25 kg with the respective prices on the scale. How can I handle this for such sales and portion deduction?

So how are you charging now?
Scale not linked?

I request them to stick on 1kg 0.5 and 0.25 units. Cant connect the scale to the pos. It doesn’t have connection ports. Thought there was a way I can configure samba to have option to edit quantities when making sales

What are those though? 3 products?
Can you show can understand how you curently have things setup.

If you have product with price set per kg then if you type .50 or .75 and then press product button it will add that weight of product.

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Am out of the shop can send my configurations later.

1kg meat = deducts 1kg from stock at 3.6$
1/2 kg meat deducts 0.5 kgs from stock @ $1.8
1/4 kg meat deducts 0.25 kgs from stock @ $1

So create your inventory product in g. Then you can sell any weight.

Thanks. I will set it that way and see how it goes.

That’s what I was getting at, as Jessie said you would need to move from seperate products ie 1x 1/2kg so that you can change the qty accordingly.
Otherwise it’s complicated as .6 would be 1.2x 1/2kg if that makes sense.

I use this and it works perfectly.