Menu Icons for Samba POS

Can any one share their icon menus for drinks like pepsi coke coffe?

I have seen this a lot and I noticed it’s never been mentioned but I thought I would. Most people do not worry too much about this sort of thing and are willing to take the risk, however I thought its important to explain just in case someone doesnt understand it or didnt know.

Copying or downloading many of the free icon sets specifically ones with licensed product like Coke, Pepsi etc and using them in your POS usually violates a copyright agreement. Almost all licensed icons require you to purchase an agreement to use them even the ones that let you download for free. The free ones typically are only for evaluation but if you read the fine print they are not authorized for use in business or anyother venue similar.

If this does not worry you then by all means do what you wish :stuck_out_tongue: But if it does just be careful and read the requirements of use before you use them.

I only say that because I have seen images in screenshots that I know are not authorized for use without a purchased license and I thought the information might help some people that like to respect these copyrights.

Now that I have that out of the way, sorry for length, it would be neat to see the various use of pictures in the POS. I love a good fancy looking POS screen!

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