{menu item group code}?

Noob Question.

I need to do rule constraints based on menu item name, is the above correct?

I need to have payment processed rule and constraints of menu item group code to auto email a report to the office when a particular group is paid for.


EDIT: also, how would I go about making that receipt as a file, or send the receipt as a message?

Come on… surely your beyond using that excuse :stuck_out_tongue:

When menu item group is paid for?
Can you elaborate with context?

I have a particular item group called ‘Courses’, during purchase, they get popups that ask for names, days, how many weeks etc etc…

At present, a ticket prints and the counter staff save them up and take them to the office at the end of the day. I’m trying to set it up so that when an item (course) in that group is sold, it sends an email to the office skipping out the middle man.

I was thinking of doing it on payment processed, and the constraints of menu item group code MATCHES Courses

make sense?


Youll probably want a report type expression for your constraint. Groupcode would be order level so wouldnt work on ticket level automation.
Alternativly you could look to set a custom ticket tag or state when order is added with that groupcode and use that to key onto in payment processed rule.
Payments are generally not directly linkable with orders.

ok so have a hidden tag of Course=Yes or something?

My head isn’t working, whats the constraint of that {STATE:Yes} ?

Sorry, I’m falling asleep whilst doing this but have deadlines lol, damn gym, damn training!


If it’s tag it would be {TICKET TAG:xxx} lol
If it’s state it would be a state expression :-p

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Yeah I think I got it lol.

Sorry, I’m training to be a firefighter and I’m overdoing it at the gym whilst also coming home to do this… not a good mix.

Thanks appreciate the help

2nd part, how would I save the receipt as a file? I’m guessing when it saves do it as {TICKET ID}.txt then send email as the same…

would there be a way to do it as the message though?

Nothing about it on the forum I can see

You can set email content but think it’s only plain text (no HTML) so pretty basic message.

yeah I have that set up as [:Message] at the moment, but I’m unsure how I get a printer template into it. Is there a printer template {brackets}?

oh wait am I thinking too hard? Maybe the message COULD incluse things from the ttemplate such as… {SETTING:dayofweek} etc??

THink I got this… lol

edit: I was going on the basis a file had to be made then an email was sending the file! wow that was a long way around things!

Um, {GROUP CODE} … look at your Printer Template help section to know what tags you can use.

I should have said, Its fixed. I was going about this in the wrong way.

I ws creating a message which wasn’t working… i was using {PAYMENT} etc and it was just showing up as that^^

unless… there is a way to do that, then id not have to worry about an attachment