Menu not appearing after making changes in settings

Ive had this issue for a couple of weeks now if i make any changes in “manage” and save new settings etc if i then go back to the navigation menu and go back into POS my menu does not display and it looks like this, i then have to log out and back in for it to appear (the bit that is appearing now is a fast menu, if i make that not a fast menu it doesnt appear.

So it seems there is an issue as fast menus do appear, but normal menus do not, so there is obviously something setup different with them that allows fast menu to show

There is no other automation running, i have checked the rule debugger and there is nothing at all listed. if i uncheck hide inactive events the only thing that shows is application screen changed when i move from the navigation menu to the pos screen.

Ive checked department is set correctly etc

any ideas?

I thought of adding a application screen changed rule with an action to load menu but in that rule there is not an option to select application screen changed to POS

It may be a default menu for ticket type. Did you check that?

I have seen similar no menu senario, that setup didn’t use fast menus but did have switch menu on login based on time for a day and evening menu.
I just presumed it was side effect of switching to a non ticket/department assigned menu.

Typically when it changes like that it’s loading a menu that’s set as default for the active ticket type.

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yea it is a menu set as default for the ticket type, how do i fix do i need to remove the menu from the ticket type?

Yes remove it and leave it blank

just checked and its already blank so thats not the issue, any other ideas?

How are you setting menu on start/login?
I always guessed it was because I had set to blank and set menu via switch menu on login and that being in manage bypassed this loading of menu via switch menu on login leaving access to POS without menu loaded.

just one rule on user login to load menu which works fine and loads, but now when doing any changes in manage and going back to nav screen and entering pos the menu doesnt load and i need to logout and in again

Is it not loading or is it loading the wrong menu? Do you have any menus that have no products?

just not loading, yea they all have products

So far i think its only happening when i go into the menu, and edit category products and save. i recently been working on my options/manager menu with custom buttons and its seems to be when ive edited and saved items in the menu when then navigating out of manage and into pos the menu doesnt load, and i need to log out and in

Menu related changes typically needs a logout and login. It usually has it loaded in memory so logout clears that cache.

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doing when im editing other rules too, unrelated to menu

Well it’s something specific to your automation. It’s not doing that on mine or my dev machines. We need to figure out what’s causing it.

the only thing logged in the rule debugger is application screen changed when moving from nav screen to pos

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