Menu Price .txt file

Well, when I roll out the POS customisaiton for my client one of the features he wants is the animated flash digital menu panels be driven from the pricing list in the POS. Basically he just doesnt want discrepency beetween the menu and the POS, I can get the flash animation to look in a .txt file and use that price, what I was wondering was is there anyway to get a .txt file to edit prices, which will be instantly reflected in the Menu panel and the POS at the same time.

You can use this Data Export template to export SambaPOS Products & Prices to a txt file.

You can find more Data Export template samples here in case you need a different export format.

Mmmm Yeah I know I can export and import the YAML prices, but is there anyway to read the prices automatically, not just export the file?

Thanks anyway

Do you want sambapos to subscribe to an external data source to continuously monitor price changes and automatically reflect these prices to terminals? If so there is no simple way to do that as we’re using SambaPOS database to read data from. For now you can automate exporting prices to a text file but I’ll note it to take into account while we restructure SambaPOS’s data consumption architecture on future releases.

Yes! That would be a great Idea. my client dont feel comfortable going into the mangment settings of Samba as they are worried they are going to screw something up, so I unmapped it for them in Navigation, and have my account to which I remote desktop in to change prices.

If there was a text file I think she would be able to open it and eaily edit the numbers.

OK. This is something requested a lot and I think I can implement a simple solution for next update.

For Management Navigation Button we’ll support displaying a management screen via parameters.

It is in [Category Name]:[Command Name] format so Products:Price List Editor parameter will display just the price list.

When there is a navigation parameter we’ll disable navigation bar so user won’t be able to switch to other sections.

I know it might not solve some complex permission related requests but I think that will solve some related security issues.


Great idea @emre this is something I’ve wanted for a long while now. Ideally I would prefer to have it in its own screen but this will work for now :wink:

That would be great!

Like @Jesse said would we be able to hide the left part of the screen. Then the restraunt owner will never get to see the customisation side of Samba. It makes things look a lot nicer