Merge Ticket Line & Show Item Price

I currently merge ticket lines and want to keep this but I would like to also show the item price. If I add 3 coffee at €2 each the ticket line on the POS shows €6 which is correct. Is there any way of also showing the item price?

Click template help and on the right youll get a list of all tags for template;

–Order Values–
QUANTITY #Line: Item Quantity
NAME #Line: Item Name
PORTION Portion Name
PORTION:X Portion Name
PRICE #Line: Item Price
TOTAL #Line: Item Total
TOTAL AMOUNT #Line: Item Total x Quantity
CENTS #Line: Item Price On Cents
LINE AMOUNT #Line: Item Total (Gifts Excluded)

Your looking for
{PRICE} #Line: Item Price

This is not for Printing. It is for on-screen.e.g I add 30 items at 13.99. Total would be 419.70. I sometimes give a discount and could give it for 13.00. I would like to see item price on screen so I can decide how much to discount. I’ve looked at order tags but I cant figure out how to do it.

You could add price of item in the items Header on the menu.

My price’s change frequently and I also add new products on a regular basis. I would have to change header every time I change a price or add new product. :cry:

Or could just do an ‘info’ state.
Make a new order added rule to update a new state called something like origional price and set the state value using the {PRICE} tag in the action.

I have this on my package half board system which makes food for dbb guests 0 price.
It saves the origional price in a flow which allows girls to take off package and be flexable ie is they had friends eat too so you can change which are included;

Might not be most visable but can be set to be viewable by non admin.
Or replicate that with oprder tags if you really want.

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@JTRTech i think you have how to somewhere (i cant find it) to manipulate order line display like your NEW status.
I think this would be better place to show unit price. Maybe have Order State Unit Price to show there.

I checked, pretty sure order display state doesnt support {TAGS}.
Might be wrong or not be running latest.

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How did you do this? If this could reflect the single-unit price, that would be a good indicator …

Order state formatting.

But tried earlier to put {PRICE} in the display format but just makes the whole part go blank.

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Im shore a while back we spoke about allowing tags in these fields as wanted to split the product and portion onscreen like I do on ticket print…

so it showed with space rather than stop between name and portion.