Merging Tickets Creats New Blank Orders

Hello everyone.

I have noticed a strange behavior since last week. I used to be able to merge tickets and settle them without any issues. Now every time I merge tickets the table remains orange even after settling the bill in full. It creates blank orders without any products on the tickets, just completely blank, these tickets will reflect as open when I try to close a work period. I have a video of what’s happening, posting on my mobile phone now, will upload the video tomorrow morning. If anyone can assist , ‘d really appreciate.

I’m running the latest version, I tested the same database on a lower version and the error is still there.

To close the ticket I’ll have to punch in something, close the table, void the just punched item, close the table again :smile:

Did you make any changes just before this started happening or did it just start randomly?

The only thing I did was to remove all the customization to do with the Kitchen Display, tried to figure out where I messed it up but seems all is good. I will never play games with live DB again :smile: :smile: bad thing is I didn’t have a recent backup.

Just in case someone faces the same problem, it was because when I removed the Kitchen Display - Before Closing Ticket rule, i removed the Mark Ticket as Closed action.