Merging Two COM serial-ports

hey @emre and @JohnS because i have two bussiness phone line and my caller id device can only detect one at a time, i am forced to use two devices. but i cant really find a way to connect two COM ports into SambaPOS.
is there a way to connect sambaPos to two COM Ports???

SambaPOS is set to only talk to one caller id device.
Originally there was a 2 line caller id box available for SambaPOS back at V2. There are some 4 & 8 line devices on eBay but they are expensive and untested.

The general setup is 2 pos terminals so you can take 2 orders at the same time, but it depends on how busy you are.

Interesting question :slight_smile: I never thought this but it might be technically possible. I won’t promise to implement that but I’ll check if handling two modems at the same time will be possible.

wow thanks @emre. At least now there is some chance.

@emre I’m sure your brilliant mind will Quickly find a solution To this issue
Thank you so much for the length of time you spend on this amazing software and handling all our requests continuously and perfectly :blush:
i also have two phone line and
I would be very happy if it would be possible to set up two modems