Message for trying to logon to POS without workperiod

I have users who dont have access to navigation who get confused when the work period is closed and no mesaage popus up explaing it, unlike if you are in a navigation screen. Could we get a msg to come up then?

You could automate your own using the user logged in event and THE ISCURRENTWORKPERIODOPEN setting.

Im aware of that, Its more of a request just to simplify the software for people who don’t want that confusing automation, I believe it to be a topic which should be included. Like I said if your on the management screen you can get the message to come up saying you have to start work period. Yet when you logon to the POS directly it should show the same message.

I agree but if you dont want to wait you can create a single rule with a single action and one constraint to do this its really not confusing. Or you can wait to see if Emre adds this request.

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