Message pop up problem


Hi Guys

My setup briefly is this.

3 types of Membership Cards linked to 3 different types of entity

I use a Numberpad Entered Rule to determine the correct entity from a swipe card and update the entity state to selected.

I then use a Entity State Rule to fire a message on screen which i want to display things like the name of the member and the number of points they have etc.

When I reference the Data in the message prompt using the {ENTITY DATA:} commands they are not populating with information from the entity?

Any ideas






It can’t show anything unless entity is loaded or in a ticket. When are you changing state?


Has it not already loaded as you can see it shows the Employee Entity and the Test Staff Pass has been accessed.



Try ENTITY DATA:Employee:Name


No Difference I get the same solution it does it with all 3 Entities.



Try ENTITY NAME:Employee


Show us your custom fields.




So did you try ENTITY NAME:Employee?


Yeah still doesnt read the information from the selected Entity


Add an item to ticket then try. Maybe it’s wrong event.


Still Nothing im afraid I appreciate your help in this matter.


How are you changing state?



Is it possible to put a constraint into the message action box to only execute if it matches a certain Entity Type?


Yes. The constraint field of each action can be set.
It would use == or != For typical equals or not equals.
General for string expressions like entity name or type you would quote both sides of the == like ‘{EXPRESION A}’ == ‘XYZ’
Check printer and report expressions for potential expession. Note not all are available on every rule type. Ticket level generally are, order level print template expressions would need to be on order related event unless it’s a more general report type expression.


Thanks Guys ive sorted the problem by executing an automation command to trigger the pop up dependant on the entity type so far seem to be good.