Messed up with customer entity or rule

hi sir
i was following this v5 delivery tutorial secound time as i messed up with my old installation during setting up sql but this time i dont want to install it again is that possible i can restore my rules actions and commands to default setting as i have done lots of work putting producs and done lots of reading or if you can help me please

this time i have done something wrong with the rules or entity screen what ever customer i add it shows me in customer screen even though i dont add any products or even void or settle it can you please help thanks

sir i also tried resset defualt buttions from configuration

Did you click Delivery at top of the screen?

It is in complete i only made widgets lister and was testing as said in tutorial
is there any way if i can save my product list and order tags and install everything fresh i have been working hard on it from last few weeks and i dont want to lose just in case if i am unable to fix this

Thanks in advance

It is customer ticket screen

I am sorry but I can’t understand what the problem is your having.

please help me

if you give me your contact i can call you and better explain you or teamviwer into my laptop iam happy to pay your charges otherwise i have to strat from scrach i really like the product or just tell me the way to restore smabapos to default without losing products and order tags thanks

I am sorry but that doesn’t help me understand your problem. And I am pretty sure what I am doing is helping you. Please explain the issue more clearly.

iam trying to open pizza restaurent and i read about samba pos i liked it so i worked on it and then i purchased it

i configured everything products and and order tags all working fine on the table point of view
than i started working on takeaway side because i wanted to hold the orders without creating customers and server next customer i worked on it and then i installed zip file from bar tab zip it was ok

now i want to follow delivery tutorial this is second time iam doing delivery tutorial but for some reason its now happing i cant close customer even when i close them even if i close and viod the tickets it still stays there as table entity if you team viewr for two min i can exactly show you what is happening