Messed up with VOID RULE


Hi team, i have messed up with the VOID RULE in my setup,
i am trying to use the available tutorials to reconstitute it but it’s not working.
can anyone tell me where am going wrong and what is the best approach


Just setup a new sample database and follow the setup from there.


Whats wrong with it?


i had actually disabled Void rule and cancel void and also did the same for gift rule and cancel gift.This was after realizing the users were misusing the two functions.
However i wanted to reinstate the same rules and assign the mandate to void to the manager,but the rule is’not functioning, however i have been able to reinstate the gift rule,now the question is,is void rule related to gift in any way and when re-instating this rules, should i start with gift and then Void in that order


No, there are independent.
States in mappings maybe need checking.
Can you show the actual rule.


Thank you JTR tech i will show the rule in a while


These are the states of my automation command VOID


The automation command button is as shown above,i will have the rule posted in a moment




This is my void rule and mappings


Looking back at the ticket screen, are you logged in as admin? Most orders show no status state.
One shows submitted.
Unless you have chance to now show looks like you have some serious issues with your states which would explain issues with void etc.


The orders are showing there status (NEW,SUBMITTED),those orders that you are seeing on the ticket screen with no state are the ones that i have attempted to VOID.
Sorry for not explaining this earlier


Basically when i VOID the order,only the state disappear as shown in the ticket


Ok, so expand the actions of the void rule.


Thankyou so much JTR tech i am sorted ,the issue was the Action,i have configured them and its working,am so grateful, thankyou


Is this an active database? Those stateless orders will play havoc with reports etc. If not I’d clear out transactions and forget the orders entered while this issue was present.