Metrik App not showing some data after database edits

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We’re working on connecting SambaPOS with ERPNext. The sync we’re doing is sending Tickets to create Sales Invoices in ERPNext,acheiving this requires adding LastUpdatedDate and ItemUploaded, and GroupUploaded columns to MenuItems, also Uploaded in Tickets

We’ve also created views to ease the sql statements in the code. The other change made is that sales are being done on a second terminal while we’re working on the main PC which is usually used as well.

The sync is happening. Code is working for the most part but after installing this on the Clients installation the Metrik App seems to not be retrieving the Items Sales and the Sales by Waiter. Otherwise everything is working fine. These reports are still working fine within SambaPOS.

See how Waiter Sales, and Best Selling Items are blank?

I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this issue. More so because I dont have direct access to the Metrik App. Can we logout one user so that I my be given access to the App? Any points on how I can go at this will be most appreciated.

cc @Sp3nc3r

You can request wipe of metrik data via support@sambapos.con

Send your QR code of the server and email

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Okay, how will this affect the existing data? Will it reload again? Kindly help me understand what we’ll be trying to achieve, is it to let me login or trying to resolve the issue?

QR no problem. Which email should I send?

@Posflow please clarify

As far as I noticed, please someony correct me if I am wrong: Metrik fetches Data at the time the order is done/ the ticket is closed. When you do changes later on on already closed tickets, Metrik will not again update this data.

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Thats correct @Stanko