Metrik for samba not working


I was using metrik for sambapos on a demo.

demo has now expired, I have purchased a new license for $89 through samba portal.

but still can’t get metrik to work. I am still getting the “demo expired, purchase subscription etc…”

any ideas?

Hello @croxtonfishbar,

As of 31.12.2019, the metric data flows of the companies whose demo expiry dates (60 days), has been closed.
In case they purchase license on account, they will be able to continue displaying the metriK data.
If you purchased the license, in case you provide us your metriK QR Code and its number via an email to, we can make necessary changes on our side.


Is the app ready ? i mean custom reports and everything? it will have spanish translation ? if not im happy to help with the translation of metrik

Yes app is ready we are still adding new reports to it.
We have a plan for more language translations. I will contact with you for Spanish. Thanks.

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