Metrik — past data unavailable

Hi! I just installed the Metrik app at my restaurant. it is running V4 and contains data for more than past 6 months. However, via the Metrik app I can only seem to view the data for today and yesterday.

Is there any way to get the past data via Metrik, or will onky the data that’s uploaded after you install Metrik be available?

It sends older datas, but only 1500 ticket (old ones)

Thanks for sharing this, it is helpful.

Sorry I didn’t get this.

I just installed metrik and was wondering if it is possible to retrieve the old data in the app?

(It is just showing today’s data)

Pretty sure metrik only shows data from when it gets installed, it doesnt “see” anything before it was installed

is it metrik will become aviable in spanish language? I’m happy to help with translation, also in mexico there is a huge market oportunity, I can help with that too.

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Yes we can do it in next version. I will inform you about this

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