Microsoft BUILD 2015

@emre this looks very interesting. Microsoft just announced new ways to bring various apps their appstore as universal apps. One is an easy way to port win32 apps. They also dropped a bombshell with support to easily port ios and android apps using their native language. This just opened up a HUGE new ecosystem.

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Do you have a link?.

Its all over various tech sites was announced at their BUILD conference. Let me find one. But I’m betting its on their own site.

Oh OK I thought you’re reading it atm.

I was but it was a news aggregator app in my phone. I use WP7 News app it pulls from several tech sites.

This talks about the .net apps

That’s some huge news. Microsoft is getting very aggressive and these announcements will change everything. They also announced their goal of getting win 10 on 2 billion devices in first 2 years.

Was other cool announcements like continuum on phones. When you plug phone into a monitor with mouse and keyboard it basically turns into a desktop. With universal apps this becomes very useful. Others companies tried it but it wouldn’t get traction due to no universal app support.

PS is where I get most of my news. Very good website on Windows.

That talks about Continuum and it looks very cool to me. The fact that windows phones will finally have access to IOS and Android apps will be huge as well. There is really no reason not to port apps to windows phone now considering they can use the same language. I mean why wouldnt you want to make more money with very little extra effort.

The even cooler part is those apps ported to windows 10 will be usable on Desktop or tablets or phone as well because they will be universal unlike the IOS or Android versions.

Man this looks so cool.

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These are amazing news (long waited until 2002). Microsoft finally started to compete :slight_smile: I’ve read everything find I could find. Let’s see how it will improve our possibilities.

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I am very excited they are not only competing but they kind of chewed them up and spit them out now lets see what the competition does because what they announced today is very huge. Much of it is every ones dream for last 15 years.

For SambaPOS this is great news. Will be exciting to see how you can leverage it. I mean being able to convert it to universal app and then use it on phone, tablet, etc will be very useful. I need to read more to see different ways this can affect SambaPOS and restaurants in general but im excited at the news.

The fact that you could list it in the Store will be huge as well. And now that other developers are able to port the awesome IOS and Android apps I predict the Microsoft Store will suddenly be one of the largest markets.

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I agree. What I’m thinking is converting everything under the POS button to an universal app and everything else to a web app :wink: Microsoft working hard to implement needed tools for us lol…


This lovely… putting in mind that the mono project can now go a different scale with the visual studio source also out.

Visual Studio Code will be available for free, and can be downloaded later on Wednesday from

Hey @kendash - Do you think they will ever look at MS Server and Licensing?
I have found this the biggest issue over the ages and it has always held me back somewhat. The MS Licensing model in general has been their biggest “bug-bear” and I hope this may change. You would think with this device inter-connectivity they would review it…

I doubt they change it. I know it seems expensive but its their bread and butter. For most businesses that need their services it is worth the cost. We could investigate and argue points to both sides as far as cost effectiveness.

To be honest what we may see though is alternatives for smaller business.

Dear Emre,

Is the v5 of SambaPOS gona be converted to an universal app?

Cause the other very good things, is that universal app will run on windows IoT, and this also mean that we gona be able to run Samba terminals on a low cost hardware…

If you need, I able to help you to update the program to an universal app.

MA1 thank you very much for offering help. @Jesse also suggested it multiple times and I’ve searched for our options. However due to third party packages (like devexpress) and data access libraries we’re using a direct conversion will be nearly impossible.

The path we’ll follow will be first publishing a restful web api and implement clients (web, ios or rt) for that api. That will be our first project after V5 release.