Migrate V4 to V2?

Basically I want to move my database from v4 to v2… how can I do it?

Why would you want to do that? I don’t think that’s possible. Surely whatever reason you feel you should do this we could work out a solution.

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Because I have a windows XP PC that vb.net 4.5 is not supported on… it’s not SP 1

If you can’t upgrade to win7 I guess…
V3 will run on XP :slight_smile:
Why can’t you install service pack?
Have they finally stopped updates? Sure you can download manually from somewhere.

I doubt you would have much luck finding a downgrade solution for your database if that’s what your after, if it was posible expect you would get all sorts of issues.
Is samba market available on V3? When I used it ip could never get it to load but was a while ago now. If you can get the database tool you could try exporting your custom actions, rules and products etc but expect there are functions/actions in V4 that weren’t in V3 (as I said it was a while ago I last used v3 and at that time was just trying to get a basic setup to get going.)

Samba market is v4 only and there is no way to migrate backwards. You would need to recreate your setup manually. Personally I think its time to let XP die. Its old unsupported software.


Indeed RIP XP.
Missed out vista and went to 7, wasn’t interested in 8 personally but 10 sounds interesting.
Most interesting to me is how its meant to have a lower system spec demand. Have herd that in theory it would go on to a raspberry Pi which I find very interesting as always wanted one but never got on with Linux.
If it would run on Pi it should run well on older all in one terminals. Have tried win7 on a few of these with a 2ghz celeron, 1-2gb ram and while it works its certainly not what I would call rapid.
Newer all in ones are obviously more powerful but very expensive! when for 200-300 quid you can get a tidy all in one terminal on eBay often with printer and draw but these are usually spec’ed similar to above.
Had V4 on the machine above both with CSE and then on network to SQL on ‘server pc’ and even with a ‘server’ running the data base it still seemed to have a bit of lag/delay sometimes.
Was more than useable but if I was using it on a busy bar it would annoy me.
Changed over to a seperate C2duo pc with 4gb and SQL on same machine and was so much more responsive :slight_smile:

My XP :frowning: don’t be mean, if it’s not for windows XP… I would not have a childhood :stuck_out_tongue: hehe anyhow I’ll see what I can t install a SP
cheers buddies!

You might be able to migrate Products, Menus, and some other minor settings, but there is no way that a V4 DB will work on V2, or even V3 for that matter, due to large changes in the Automation system.