MIgrating from V4 to V5

From those who have migrated the V4 to V5, please share your experience and guidance in migrating V4 to V5.

V4 using SQL Express. busy shop 7 days.

How much time it took to migrate ?
What are the steps to take in case of doing a roll back due to unsuccessful full migration.
Can the migration be tested by backing up and restoring to a different computer and doing the migration on a stand by computer to minimize the down time.

If you using SQL express you would just make sure your on latest v4 then install v5… simple as.
For safe measure run a backup in v4 before updating as v5 will tag database with version number to prevent issues with different versions using same database.
If you want to test on separate machine just backup, install and restore of other machine then update…
There shouldn’t be any issues updating as compatibility is always considered.
So long as you make a backup first you will be fine.
Depending on how many terminals you have it would only really take as long as it takes to install v5.

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