Minimal Stock Alternative

Dear @Emre, I was used to work with Minimal Stock, and I still use it today. I was wondering if there is a way to implement that via:

The only drawback I see is that I will have to use that StockMinimo to compare it to the actual Stock, so i will be needing a way to obtain that value.

What do you think about this?



Nice idea but inventory gets tracked for Inventory Items not Products.

ok, but as I cannot put tags into inventory items, i can relate them to products… and so know which ones are below the minimal… could taht all be possible?



We’ll implement such features as a part of Supply Chain module. In fact we aim to determine critical levels from average daily usage and generate some useful notifications.

However you can always create a SQL table to store your desired minimum inventory levels.

@QMcKay’s idea is also great. We’ll also consider if we can implement something similar.

Yes I have given it a good read… but its too much for my simple minimun stock.

In my case average daily will vary a lot… we are daily seasonal, that means that we depend on holidays (not vacations), weekends (and not all), for example here in CEARA its 28 Celsius all year but some days ist 30 and some days 25, when we have 30 (unpredictable) I sell 50 bottles of beer in one night, the very next saturday its 25 and I sell only 5… impossible to follow…

Thats why I allways relied on minimal stock, which for me works good and is simple… i see which ones are under the minimal, and decide if I buy or not…



I cannot wait to try out a Supply Chain module… I wish I was a programmer because I would love to see a system that has capability of determining ordering, etc based on several KPI metrics and algorithms. I plan to create some retail specific reports like customer traffic/hr,sales,case quantities,shelf capacities, lead time, etc and would like to pull that data into a 30/60/90 day type planning for ordering and seasonal planning.

way to complicated for me… perhaps when i have my own chain or franchise… for the moment… me and my wife are owners, cashier and cook and a lot of times waiters too…



PD yesterday we had only one waiter, and my wife and me went to wait tables, we waited 51 tables in three hours… more than 200 orders… crazy night…

I would never use such a system for my food business. Your method is great!