Missing error log?

Anybody know where I can find the error logs? I’ve researched it and tried all the suggested locations like [My Documents]\SambaPOS5\log.txt and I can’t find anything.

Checked in the programs folder for samba?

As best I could yes. All I could find was a similarly worded file but that was an ldf format. This install seems cursed. Its a fresh install only a couple of days old. The issue I was trying to fix has resolved itself somehow, so I have access to admin again. Is there a setting I can change to find/add a new location for the log file?

Not sure.
Generally only things that can effect samba start would be data connection sting/db issues or application started rule.
Also login rules usually want to be fairly solid (I usually map to specific rolls on login rules ESC admin encase any login issues caused by rules)

The SambaSettings.txt file is located in one or both of the following locations, both of which are HIDDEN by default, depending on your install:



The log.txt file is located in the Windows User’s Documents path: